A film by Peter Miller

Narrated by John Lithgow

Based on an idea by Antje Boehmert & Christian Popp  Written by Peter Miller  Director of Photography Antonio Rossi  Editor Amy Linton  Sound Recordists Rodolphe Begard, Dan Mazur, Andreas Schlueter, Andy Turret Sound Designer Brit Warner  Sound Mixer Christian Riegel  Color Grader Knut Schmitz  Online Editor Reinaldo Almeida  Original Music by Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis, Tim Stanzel  Archival Research Elisabeth M. Hartjens, Michelle Gordon, David Stumpp  Senior Adviser and Story Consultant Ian Scott  Historical Adviser Marja Roholl  Associate Producers Jonas Schilling, Amy Linton  Commissioning Editors ZDF/ARTE Martin Pieper, Türkân Schirmer  Producers Antje Boehmert, Peter Miller, Christian Popp

Special Thanks:

Spencer Alcorn, Thierry Barreau, Alessandro Carroli, Carmen Cobos, Ned Comstock, Thomas Doherty, EDN, Uta Eberhardt, Andrea Ernst, Sandra Garcia-Myers, Kay Hoffmann, Katja Jaeckel & Giorgos Christonakis, Martine Labonde, Madeleine Le Borgne, Valerie Marcus, Frank Mehring, Ouest France, Miranda Parry, Stephanie Pasternak, Wolfgang Pinkl, Judy Preminger, Victoria Riskin, Kim Rojas, Marja Roholl, Heiner Ross, Christian Schwalbe, Ian Scott, Steven Wapen


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A co-production of DOCDAYS Productions, Willow Pond Films, ZDF in collaboration with ARTE

Distributed by PBS International – Developed with the support of MEDIA